If you or a loved one have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs for the very first time, you are maybe wondering what will happen next and what are you about to face. You should know that DUI laws in every country of the U.S are very strict. Drunk driving is a very serious crime, and if you don’t get legal help, you will probably be convicted. DUI convictions will ultimately lead to paying costly fines, losing your driving privileges and serving jail time. On top of that, you will leave a permanent mark on your record. The only way you can avoid all the things we have mentioned is to get legal counseling from a qualified drunk driving attorney. Let’s have a look at those events that you will face after a DUI arrest.

Legal and Emotional DUI Consequences

Besides from having to pay hundreds of dollars, lose your driving license and keep a mark on your driving record, drunk driving penalties can also influence your emotional life. Legal consequences you are about to face are severe, but emotional penalties of a DUI arrest can affect you even worse. DUI conviction will severely affect your life in every little aspect of it, from spoiling relationships with your family and friends to jeopardizing your work and future job opportunities.

Other repercussions that you can likely face include license revocation for one year, ten years or even more, as well as obligatory alcohol education programs and possible installing of ignition interlock device. You will have to pay the all additional expenses, from court and vehicle towing expenses, to alcohol education program fees and driver’s license reinstatement penalties. As you can see, you will lose a lot of money on these high fees. However, the only thing worse than losing lots of money is staying in jail, because that way you can give yourself a bad reputation that might cost you your job and career. It is, therefore, vital to hire a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

The Importance of Hiring The Right DUI Attorney

Only by hiring a professional, you can ensure you’ll get the get proper legal representation you need. A DUI attorney will protect your legal rights and ensure you reach the most positive outcome of the case. He or she will examine the gathered evidence, evaluate the situation and explain your options to you, as well as your rights under the state law. An experienced lawyer can reduce your penalties or even have your charges dropped. You mustn’t forget that having an attorney by your side will certainly make a large difference in your DUI case. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you are doing yourself a huge favor!

You have many different options when it comes to choosing an attorney to represent you in a court of law. One of the best ways to narrow down your search for experienced legal counsel will be to utilize reviews found online for potential legal professionals. Start by choosing a law firm in your state, then narrow down to county or city in which you were arrested. If you are facing a Washington DC DUI arrest, then start reviewing those law firms found on the front page of Google for the District of Columbia. If you know your case will be held in a particular city, you may want to start searching for lawyers who regularly practice in that city and are familiar with the courts as well as those who work in that court system.  You also want to hire a lawyer with experience in DWI, OWI, or DUI, depending on the county, city, or state you have been arrested.

Don’t allow one drunken mistake to ruin your freedom and life as a whole in numerous ways. Think before you drink and just never go into your car after drinking alcohol. Remember that you’re not only placing your life at risk but also endangering the life and well-being of other traffic participants.